Merkley Kendrick Jewelers is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers, allowed to sell and maintain Rolex watches. With the necessary skills, technical know-how and specialized equipment, we guarantee the authenticity of every part of your Rolex. Contact us to book an appointment with our dedicated staff, who can help you make a choice that will last a lifetime.

Rolex at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

MK Signature Timepieces

Our private label Merkley Kendrick Signature watches have been worn on the wrists of men and women for years. They are a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Merkley Kendrick Signature watches feature scratch-proof genuine sapphire crystals. All watches are water resistant, and nearly all of our watches are made of stainless steel. Gold plating is done using state of the art technology, with PVD deposits of gold and a titanium nitrate alloy to permeate and harden the stainless steel. Our mahogany finished wood packaging is both elegant and functional, also serving as an individual watch storage unit. All timepieces are covered by a three-year warranty, starting the day the watch is purchased, and registered by you.

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BALL Timepieces

Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of the foundation of BALL Watch, “Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions.” Continuing in the tradition of Webster Clay Ball, BALL Watch aspires to manufacture the most accurate mechanical watches on the planet, ruggedized for use by those that live, work and play in truly adverse conditions. Today, with unlimited inspiration, BALL is today setting the standards just as Webster Clay Ball did in the late 1800s and through the early 1900s.

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Pre-Owned Timepieces

Our Pre-Owned Collection is as alluring as it is unique. Always on trend and forever classics, these timepieces will complement any style. Allow our team to walk you through the history of each piece, as we believe you’ll fall in love with the details as much as we have while adding them to our collection. We are always adding new timepieces, so stop in early and often to see what’s new.

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