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Determining the Value of Priceless through Appraisals

As you can imagine, we have had the responsibility to appraise countless pieces of jewelry throughout the years and we take the role of Appraiser very seriously. It is our job to ensure your valuable asset is safe while it is in our care. It is also our job to ensure we take the time to evaluate each piece and provide a full valuation.

Expert Jewelry Appraisal & Insurance

There are several reasons for having jewelry appraised. The majority of appraisals are completed to define a value for insurance purposes. Many factors contribute to the retail value of jewelry, including metals, stones, construction, where the jewelry can be purchased, and estimations on future value.

If you have an old or unique piece of fine jewelry, you may want to have an appraisal completed to learn about the history and the value. This is known as an Estate Appraisal, which assigns the value to a piece of jewelry that is more in line with current pricing conditions and liquidity potential. Estate jewelry is often appraised to facilitate a quick sale or to help divide property for an Estate.

Ultimately, fine jewelry is a significant investment and should be documented, appraised, insured and recorded as an asset to you, your company or your family. Make sure you use an appraiser such as Merkley Kendrick Jewelers, who is qualified to handle such a request.

Custom Designed Jewelry

You have your Grandmothers diamond pendant, your Mothers ruby ring, and your Aunts pearl earrings. They’re sitting in a box waiting for attention. With your input, combined with that of our experienced consultants, we can create a beautiful piece of history for you. If you have a style of jewelry in mind, we can take you from pencil sketch to a final, one-of-a-kind product that will be uniquely yours. Whether it’s a simple design or elegant styling, we have the expertise to make magic happen.

Jewelry Repair

Often we wait until something breaks, then we pay attention to it. With your fine jewelry, that break could mean the loss of something both financially and emotionally valuable. Without even thinking about it, we put a lot of wear and tear on our jewelry. Over time prongs shift and begin to wear down, settings become loose, chains break, and finger sizes can change. All these things need attention.

We welcome the opportunity to help you take care of your precious jewelry possessions. Our consultants will evaluate any jewelry pieces and provide recommendations for needed repairs or enhancements, as well as a cost estimate to complete the work.

Ring sizing, prong re-tipping, tightening loose gemstones, pearl restringing, jewelry polishing, rhodium plating, clasp replacement, you name it, and we will get it done.

Jewelry Cleaning

Your jewelry is not only an heirloom; it’s an investment. Our jewelry cleaning experts can help you keep your jewelry looking its best. We can also teach you how to care for your jewelry, from your casual items up to your most delicate pieces.